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Mascot | Sculpture | 2012

The work Mascot symbolies Dwight D. Eisenhower concept of the Military Industrial Complex’s. The vaulting horse was selected due to its historical use in military training since the 15th century. The military ribbons that were used were selected from specific wars of the 20th and 21st centuries that represented not only military rank, status and hierarchy through colour coding but also the occupation and resources of specific countries. The junior sport javelins represented voodoo pins and the vaulting horse the voodoo doll. The work represents the wounding of the Military Industrial Complex’s through pagan ceremonial ritual.

Materials: Vaulting Horse, Military Medals Ribbons, Junior Sport Javelins, Crude Oil.

(H) 310cm x (W) 380cm x (L) 415cm.

Price on request.